Top Vastu tips for constructing your dream home!

Building your dream home with urbanspace builders is an inspiring journey and assimilating vastu principles can improve the positive Spirit and Good will within your living area. Raise the experience by including the old insight of vastu shastra, focusing on innovating balance and regulating your home with natural efforts. Here are some top vastu tips to look at when constructing your fantasy home.

Choosing of Land:

Urbanspace,  leading house construction company in chennai provides a plot which is only square or rectangular in shape, and these shapes of plots are treated propitious in vastu. We are avoiding uneven or triangular plots as they may deliver negative spirit.

Propitious Entrance:

The main entryway plays a vital role in vastu. Innovating a welcoming entrance way regulating with vastu principles, welcoming positive spirit and wealth into your home. We will recommend clients to have the entrance facing north,east or northeast for a positive spirit. We ensure it is great and welcoming.

Position of Rooms:

We will allot rooms according to the perfect directions. We will follow the vastu proposition for declaring key rooms like bedroom, kitchen and children’s room. For example, we will place the bedroom in the southwest direction, kitchen in the southeast direction and children’s room in the northwest direction. Likewise, we will modify positive impacts to promote goodwill and success. 

Balanced Construction:

Urbanspace builders maintain a balance in the construction of the home. Our professional and experienced employees will avoid constructing homes higher or lower than the other in order to imbalances in efficiency. We design to innovate peaceful and stable living surroundings.

Ventilation wisdom:

Designing your home to increase daylight and ventilation is important. Bright and correctly ventilated areas are considered to bring positive spirit and commit to the overall benefit to the residents.We increase the strain of natural light and proper ventilation around your home, contributing to a healthy and positive atmosphere.

Kitchen Location:

According to vastu we place the kitchen in the southeast intersection of the home. And also we will recommend the clients to cook facing the east direction, as it is occupied to deliver good health and wealth.

Bedroom Location:

Constructing the bedroom in the southwest intersection of the home is best and place the bed in a straight layout with the bedroom door and assuring that it is comfortably reachable from all sides.

Sacred Location:

This space is considered as physically significant and can improve the comprehensive positive spirit around your home. We place the pooja room in the northeast intersection of the home. We suggest clients to allot a space for spiritual actions following vastu principles. Innovating a sacred space that improves supernatural spirit.

Color Selection:

Select colors for your home according to vastu principles. Select colors validly, as they can control the positive spirit around your home. Vastu suggests calming and light colors for the bedroom, dynamic for living space and beige for the kitchen. The right color of the room not  impacts the atmosphere but also impacts your mood to positive energy.

Balanced Furniture Position:

Avoid Obstructions like placing heavy furniture in the center of the home. This space is considered as the Brahmasthan, and controlling its observance is believed to promote positive spirit.


Following vastu propositions into the construction of your dream home commit to a peaceful and positive living atmosphere. It’s important to consider these vastu suggestions, it’s also essential to impact a balance with modern building and design inclinations. By integrating culture with creation, you can innovate a home that not only follows your dreams but also reverberates with positive spirit and success.


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