Top 10 house construction companies in chennai


Explore the personification of craftsmanship and trustworthiness with the list of the top 10 house construction companies in Chennai. From timeless elegance to modern creation, these firms stand out for their steady dedication to quality, immersion in detail and client contentment. Whether you’re imagining a luxurious independent house or a comfortable home for a family, rest assured that these industry leaders will make your dream home come true and design spaces that motivate and endure for generations.

Urbanspace Builders:

Urbanspace Builders is one of the Best House Construction Company in Chennai. It was established across Chennai and Madurai. They will finish our Construction on Time and Tasks as they said with proper plans and layouts. Their plans and Designs are more Trending and Attractive. Contractors of the Urban Space Builders value the client’s Money and their Investments thus they reveal success. They have expert engineers and Professional workers for Construction and Designing. Regular site visits will be updated with photos at the time of Construction. They work not only for New home building but also for Commercial spaces, Restoration, Budget, and Functionality. They provide you with the Best value price without any Subcontractor. Coming to Product superiority, they will check whether the product used for Construction is of Good Quality.

Mohankumar Construction:

Mohankumar Construction is a leading house construction company in Chennai, known for Repute and quality. Their Vision is to become the client’s first choice and  Providing Construction, architecture, renovation, and Interior decoration works. Their mission is to understand the client’s expectations and to enhance the quality of every customer’s home. They stand as the competitor of construction industries because of their team of engineers, designers, and architects using construction strategies, this diversity makes them smarter and stronger to deliver home projects in an innovative approach for customer satisfaction.

Anu Builders:

Anu Builders is one of the best construction companies in Chennai with more than 2 decades of experience. They are providing residential and commercial construction with quality and extraordinary service. With a proven track record of providing premium residential projects, Anu Builders integrates creative design with careful attention to detail to innovate homes that exceed the anticipation of customers—boasting a reputation for lucidity, trustworthiness, and client satisfaction. Their dedication to innovative quality designs which is in advance and their perfection for customer work makes Anu Builders a trusted partner in building the new home in Chennai.

Csk Builders and Promoters:

Csk Builders and Promoters is one of the renowned construction companies in Chennai with 24 years of experience in the construction industry. Their concentration and effort are continually driven toward enhancing their reputation as builders known for high-quality building construction like residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Furthermore, providing all kinds of architectural services such as new home projects, outdoor and indoor house designs, landscape designs, floor plans, structural designs, home renovation, and remodeling, plan estimation, etc. Their services are to complete the home construction in the best and most innovative way.

Siddharth Construction:

Siddharth Construction, Chennai’s one of the best construction companies in new construction, renovation, and design companies. With 10+ years of experience, they have completed diverse projects like residential, commercial, industrial, education, and hospital.  Their mission is to solidify their state as a market leader in Construction and Real Estate Development Projects and their vision is to deliver top architectural projects as soon as possible adopt creative techniques in construction practice constantly, and support Sidharth Construction Company to hold its repute in a best construction company in Chennai.

Aqua Homes:

Aqua Homes stands as one of the dynamic and reputed construction companies in Chennai and was founded in the year 2012. They are expertise in new home construction, home renovation, 2D&3D planning, structural drawing, and property consultation. Their mission is to develop relationships with clients to make a potential difference in their lives.  They provide freebies like an Inverter, CCTV Camera, Split AC, water level controller, smart lock, and Modular kitchen.

Noah Infrastructure:

One of the leading house construction companies in Chennai completed 50+ projects with 10+ years of experience. They have earned high fame in the industry of design and building projects. They are delivering various projects like residential, commercial, industrial, and institutions with 100% clarity and integrity in their work and their commitment is used to enhance their design in the structure of the building. Their motto is to make every customer happy with the highest quality and care. 


BuildAhome one of the renowned construction companies in Chennai, Completed over a thousand projects with 7+ years of experience. It’s a leading construction company with expertise in crafting bespoke residential spaces customized to your unique lifestyle. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Buildahome Construction transforms dreams into reality, providing homes based on the client’s budget from average to premium that fulfill the anticipations of every customer. From concept to finishing stage, trust Buildahome Chennai to build the home of your dreams in the hub of Chennai.

Bluemoon Construction:

Bluemoon Construction, is one of the leading civil construction companies in Chennai with 10+ years of experience in the real estate industry. Their team works hard to deliver the best results for customers in all situations. Bluemoon Construction Company is expertise in the construction of luxury residential houses. Their team is made up of a mix of skilled and young professionals, including site engineers, licensed designers, imaging specialists, structural engineers, acquisition specialists, and project administration experts. Bluemoon Construction Company’s motivation is not just to work for their profit, but also to value the customer’s money and work for their satisfaction to make a big difference in their life. 

Aakkash Builders:

Aakkash Builders construction company was established in the year of 1989 which is located in Chennai and is a renowned name in the construction industry. With 22+ years of experience in the house construction industry. Aakkash Builders delivers many services like Residential, Commercial, Industrial buildings, and indoor design work. They have also completed Infrastructure projects like Road projects and drains. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Aakkash Builders is dedicated to creating homes that reflect modern living standards while preserving conventional values. 


Eventually, Chennai’s house construction scenery is enhanced with a variety of companies, each company famous for its unique strengths and offerings. These above top 10 house construction firms in Chennai will be trusted builders to turn your dream vision into real life and support you in search of quawlity homes and customer satisfaction.

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