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Chennai, the Capital  city of Tamilnadu and the  Destination of Metropolitan place with Spirited Construction Industry. Nowadays, it’s an Exponential demand for House, Domestic, Trading and Industrial spaces. It’s a basic need to choose the Proper Contractor to bring your construction Dreams into success. The construction companies who have earned with Name are responsible for proper planning, designing Structure that will satisfy the needs of Consumer.And also, we will explore the Top 10 Building Contractors In Chennai. 

Urbanspace Builders:

Urbanspace Builders,  one of the  Best Building Contractors in Chennai.It was established across Chennai and Madurai. They will finish our Construction on Time and Tasks as they said with proper plans and layouts. In fact their plans and Designs are more Trending and Attractive.Contractors of the Urban space Builders really value the client’s Money and their Investments thus they reveal success. They have Expertised Engineers and Professional workers for Construction and Designing .Regular site visits will be updated with photos on the time of Construction.They  are not only working for New home building but also works for Commercial spaces, Restoration, Budget and Functionality. They  provide you the Best value price without any Subcontractor. Coming to Product superiority, they will check whether the product used for Construction is of Good Quality.

Impact Homes:

Impact Homes was Founded in 2015 and was one of the best building contractors in Chennai trusted by people for projecting in Style.According to every client’s Home is constructed once in their Lifetime so they will work properly as our Partner. They have Experienced Architects, Advisor, Interior designers and Builders to satisfy the needs of the home you wanted. They are doing services for Independent Houses, Flats, Schools, Hospitals and Public Facilities.Each and Every product for construction can be checked based on the quality factors. Impact Homes will be the right choice for satisfaction and time Consignment  if you are looking for a Constructing House.

Chandrasekar Builders Pvt.Ltd:

Chandrasekar Builders Pvt.Ltd was started in the year 1984 has their Unique

name in Real Estate industries.  Mr.A.Chandrasekar was its founder and Chairman. Their Growth has come from Timing sense,Truthfulness and Sincerity and they have 37 years of experience. He is the Respectable Secretary of Singara Chennai Builders Association. They believe in Teamwork for their Success. Founder has the board of Architects, Builders, Auditors and Advertising team who deserves for the Hardway to success. They are the team who was the Backbone for growth of Chandrasekar Builders [p].Ltd Projects.

Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd:

JainHousing & Construction Ltd has entered the Real estate field in the year of 1987 Headquartered in Chennai and south india’s one of top Construction in Chennai. The Company has built their reputation for Quality,Integrity and Modernization. They have constructed many Residential Houses in the Development cities of Chennai,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Cochin,Coimbatore & Tirupur for the past 36 years. Even a Single project of this Company represents the years of Experience which they have done successfully. The company has also been awarded as “Best Builder” by  Builder Association of India.

Kamalam Builders Pvt.Ltd:

Kamalam Builders was Founded in the year of 2000  by Mr.AR.Venkatachalam who has always had an interest in delivering High Quality Construction for customers. The passion of the company with Quality reached to bigger projects and established into Estate Development and constructions in chennai. They plan them as a Best Builders in chennai delivering a high quality and Comfortable Residential House for the clients. They will Focus fully  on customer Requirements which they need in Designs, Architects, Construction and Maintenance. They will value the money of customers  and thus they will provide High value for your money.

Oyester Homes Pvt.Ltd:

Oyester Homes Chennai Pvt.Ltd is one of Best Real Estate Company was founded in the year of 2012 by Balasundaram Shanmugam. “Living Redefined”is their motto and aims on delivering Quality projects on time for the customers. They have 18+ years of experience in the construction field. They started their crew with only 5 and now that crew contains 40 professional employees including Architects, Designers, project managers along with the support of 200 labour staff. Quality of the product for construction can be checked according to the International Standards and policies. They will Analyse the price value of customers as per that they will provide a confident environment for living. Oyester Homes build its base on these principles like Quality, Price, Location and Service.


Rohaan Constructions Pvt.Ltd was established in the year of 2008, Mr.S.Subramanian is the CEO of this company. This company has a team of professionals construction employees providing complete solutions for all your construction needs. They will complete the construction work within the time and budget whether it is a New Construction, Rebuilding, Site preparation or an Existing one. Their team is the milestone of the company and they will provide Quality  construction for the customers and what they need. 

Haritha Constructions:

They are well Settled Building Contractors in Chennai. They are working for independent Villa houses, Apartments and Commercial spaces. There  are the Reputed Home Builders in Chennai because they  will focus on the time and Money of the clients without any Compromise. Home Refurbishments and Bathroom Modelling can be a complicated pressure for clients on avoiding this

 can be done by us using a lot of skills. We will provide you end to end solutions for new building projects and prolonging projects.

Vishranthi Homes Pvt.Ltd:

Vishranthi Homes Pvt.Ltd is led by Rajkumar Reddy and was promoted in the year of 1987 still they are consistently working for Residential and Commercial Projects because of their Quality, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction. The company understands its an Important Investment for every individual  customer’s life. In Vishranthi Homes it’s not just buying a home they will provide a quality lifestyle home with deep understanding of the customer needs.

Prashanth Homes:

Prashanth Homes is an example of ‘Luxury Budget Home’ in chennai. They have 20+ years of experience in the construction field. They have completed more than 100 plus Villas and Flats  in Chennai locations. The company started their operation as a Construction Contractor and they have successfully completed many Individual houses and Commercial Spaces with full satisfaction of customers. Prashanth Homes aims to fulfil the dreams of construction with Creative Design and Quality. They are Clarity in delivering the Construction on time.

Why Are We Choosing Building Contractors In Chennai?

Choosing the Best Building Contractor is a Critical decision because it’s a Significant Investment and it’s Basic to choose the right Building Contractor. Explore Genuine Building Contractors in Chennai for your construction projects. House construction company in chennai assures the completion of Construction project in Time, Within Budget and Quality for the customers. Many other Companies also prefer Chennai for their Business needs .In the point of Experience and Specialization Still Chennai has many good number of Construction companies. Thus we are suggesting you to bring your view to life with care and ability in the dynamic city of Chennai.

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